We understand how disruptive a car accident can be to your daily life. We pride ourselves on getting you back to your desired activities as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our trauma protocol includes Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Massage services in one convenient location so there is no need for you to have to visit multiple clinics to get the rehabilitative care your body will need to heal most effectively. We will work with your insurance company and/or attorney and handle the billing and documentation for you.

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Our technology will us evaluate and document your injuries.  The following exams may be used to help identify structural and functional imbalances to your system:

– ACUGRAPH – used to assess your meridian system and spinal nerve roots

– 3D STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS – determines postural and structural abnormalities that may be causing your symptoms.

– FUNCTIONAL PLANAR MAPPING (FPM) – maps movement dysfunction in the body after injury and provides a scoring index on functional asymmetry, flexibility, lower body power (risk of fall), dynamic posture, balance, core stability, and susceptibility to further injury.

– B.E.S.S. TESTING – the Gold Standard in Concussion and Balance Testing.  Our doctors may utilize this exam if initial screening indicates you may have suffered trauma to the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination.  Brain trauma can happen even if you didn’t hit your head during the accident.

– REFLEXION SCORE – One of our top priorities after an accident is to help assess and treat dysfunctions caused by brain trauma. Life Long Wellness is the exclusive health clinic in Utah to utilize this amazing technology. Patients will complete drills and challenges on a 6 foot wide touch screen to assess and document cognitive impairments. It looks like a huge video game, but important skills that relate to human healing and performance are being tested. These cognitions include reaction time, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, visual memory, field mapping, visual pursuit, inhibitory control, peripheral awareness, prioritization, reach, pattern recognition, memory, decision making, hand-speed reaction.  Part of our treatment protocol includes customized drills on the Reflexion screens to strengthen and heal brain function.  Come play and heal!